Book Cover: Devlin
Part of the Solitary Dragons series:

Dragon shifter Devlin thinks he has it all. A nice cabin in Ruidoso in the mountains of New Mexico. A good golf game. And Symon, the sweet dragon who comes to stay more and more often, and who he's pretty sure is his mate.

Symon adores Devlin, but he doesn't want to move to town full time and leave his family home in the high reaches above Cloudcroft. And when he turns up pregnant after a solstice stay with Devlin, he knows he has to make a run for it and go home to get ready for the heavy winter snow and the baby that will come. He tells himself he can be happy with what he has and let Devlin stay in the life he loves.

Devlin has other ideas, though, and he has to convince Symon he can give up all the conveniences of town in order to not be a solitary dragon anymore...

Publisher: Turtlehat Creatives