Book Cover: Archer
Part of the Solitary Dragons series:

Archer knows he doesn’t belong in the human world. So he sticks to his cabin in the mountains outside of Flagstaff for the most part and lives the life of a solitary dragon. Except there’s this gorgeous man named Holt who pulls him down to town more often than he’d like…

Holt has no idea what Archer has done to him, but he’s going to hunt the guy down on his mountain and find out. He’s gaining weight even as he feels sick as a dog, and he wants to make sure this isn’t contagious.

Archer can’t believe he didn’t know Holt had dragon blood in him, but it’s pretty obvious now that Holt is carrying his baby. Can he convince Holt that he doesn’t want to be solitary anymore?

This title was previously a Your Book Boyfriend's Boyfriend novella.