New Release – Rudolph

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Jameson Rudolph is not the red-nosed reindeer, thank you. He’s a flight trainer for Santa’s reindeer, and he’s tired of all the reindeer games the new recruits are up to this year. So when he gets a notice that it’s time for a mandatory vacation, he decides to hit the road and go off the grid for some relaxation. His fellow reindeer seem to want to go somewhere warm, but not Jameson. He wants to go somewhere cold that doesn’t have twinkly lights and perfectly manicured candy cane trees…

Roe deer shifter Magnus loves his home in the Scottish Highlands, and he keeps it by renting out the antique cottage on his property as a vacation home to other shifters. Every so often it gets awkward when a predator thinks he might be tasty, but he’s a roebuck who can take care of himself despite his small size. When he delivers muffins to Jameson Rudolph, though, it’s more than awkward. It’s hot as heck, and Mags decides to see if James is interested in a little holiday fling. But when it turns to more, will they be able to handle it?

Rudolph is the ninth book in the multi-author M/M Shifter Mpreg Christmas romance series Mated at the North Pole, featuring Santa’s reindeer, who find their mates while on a mandatory vacation. Rudolph features a grumpy sunshine pair with a smaller studly mate and a larger pregnant partner.

New Release – Catching the Dragon’s Heart

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Eyv never expected his dragon betrothed to throw him over for his brother. Or for his family to agree to it, and to try to hurt him. But just when he believes his life is over, an alpha dragon swoops out of the sky to save him. Too bad his heartstone is already smashed, which is a usually death sentence.

Durango is all about rescuing other dragons, and he and his team get to Eyv just in time. And when he touches Eyv, he knows he’s in trouble. He wants Eyv as his mate, but that means they have to find Eyv a new stone. And even if they do that, can they find a way to be together if Durango is still out rescuing other dragons? These two must find both common ground and a solution to Eyv’s stone problem, and fast.

New Release – Devlin

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Dragon shifter Devlin thinks he has it all. A nice cabin in Ruidoso in the mountains of New Mexico. A good golf game. And Symon, the sweet dragon who comes to stay more and more often, and who he’s pretty sure is his mate.

Symon adores Devlin, but he doesn’t want to move to town full time and leave his family home in the high reached above Cloudcroft. And when he turns up pregnant after a solstice stay with Devlin, he knows he has to make a run for it and go home to get ready for the heavy winter snow and the baby that will come. He tells himself he can be happy with what he has and let Devlin stay in the life he loves.

Devlin has other ideas, though, and he has to convince Symon he can give up all the conveniences of town in order to not be a solitary dragon anymore…

New Release – The Gryphon’s Dragon

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Gryphon shifter and oldest triplet Roman is so happy that his brothers have found their mates, but he hates that their homes have been attacked by forces who want to destroy them and take their magic. So he decides to move both of his brothers and their households to his home in Montana, where they can make a stand. To make things even more complicated, Roman has to deal with a half dragon/ half gryphon that was stranded at his brother’s place in Colorado after the last attack.

Bastien was bespelled and abused by a mage for a long time, and he has terrible guilt about having to help attack Roman and his family. But Roman gives him home, and when they touch, the spark between them becomes a far bigger flame. But the bad guys moving against them won’t wait. Can Roman and Bastien defeat them and still form a mate bond?

New Release – Healing the Dragon’s Heart

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Dragon shifter and Valleywood talent agent James Lane doesn’t have a lot of time in his schedule for nonsense. So when someone from his past shows up in his office, James has every intention of sending the guy away. Even if he was once James’s betrothed, an arrangement made when they were just children.

Dexter Erega doesn’t have a lot of time left. In dragon society, once a mate is cast aside, his heartstone is broken, and he’s locked away until he dies. Dex has managed to get away from that life, but he needs James to officially sign the papers releasing him from their marriage arrangement.

James had no idea his family would follow through on such a barbaric act, and now he feels like he needs to make things up to Dex. That starts them on a journey deep into the Colorado mountains to a Seer who can help, and who might be the key to Dex getting his life back. Can James convince Dex it’s a life he wants to share as his mate?

Note: This is a Valleywood mpreg story, but it is also the prequel to Mending the Dragon’s Heart, and a Heartstone Rescue novella.

New Release – Cloud Dragon

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Dragon shifter Puck is convinced that Austin is not for him. As much as he wants Austin, he knows such an amazing dragon couldn’t be his mate, so he’s going to hide away and let this one get away. Except that Austin won’t let him

Austin knows Puck is the one for him, and he’s not going to let Puck keep him at arm’s length. Except they keep having false starts.

Finally, the two of them come together, but they have to work around their own fears, their ever-growing family, and some shocking developments in the dragon prophecy which threaten to endanger them all. Can they get together and start their own new family life, or will they wither under the strain of the crazy magic going on in their world?

This is a dragon shifter mpreg romance in the larger Dragon Veil universe.

New Release – The Bad Boy and the Baby

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Gym owner Ben Tallent is a self-described closet bad boy. He doesn’t date anyone in Secret Springs, because what if it gets weird after they break up and have to see each other all the time. But when a colleague sets him up on a blind date, he decides what the heck? Why not give it a shot?

After a disastrous blind date, baby expert Raven Valenciaga decides he’s right not to go out with anyone in his small town. Then he meets Ben again in a very different situation, and their chemistry is undeniable.

They burn bright right away, but when life starts to get in the way of their time together, Ben and Raven struggle to find time for each other while they take care of everyone else. Can they make it work, or will the bad boy lose his chance to be happy with his lover and their baby?

New Release – The Gryphon’s Prize

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Gryphon shifter Marc is back in his home in the LaSalles, working on his charity foundation and trying not to be jealous of his brother Quint, who finally found someone to love after centuries alone. He’s so wrapped up in business that it comes as a great shock when an old friend shows up at his home asking for a favor before she dies. Take care of her son, who is one of the rarest shifters in the world. A unigriff.

Traian doesn’t want to be trouble, but his whole world has been turned upside down. Both of his parents are lost to him, and he’s been torn away from his home. The one good thing in the whole mess is meeting Marc, who he knows is special right away. But being part unicorn means everyone wants his magic, and they’ll use violence to get it. So he doesn’t want to lose Marc as well.

When an attack comes to their door, Marc’s triplet siblings come to help, and they all face dangers they never believed possible while Marc and Traiain forge a new love. Can they survive the threat to their very existence?

The Gryphon’s Prize ends with a fully realized romance, but a partial cliffhanger for the final book in the series.

New Release – Mending the Dragon’s Heart

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When Lake loses his betrothed, he also loses his dragon heartstone, the thing that gives a dragon their magic. He’s locked away, waiting to pass. But his brother is a Seer, and he refuses to let Lake die, so he arranges a rescue.

Boone is one of an elite dragon rescue team, sent to pull Lake into the modern human world so he can be taken to a sanctuary in the Colorado mountains. What he doesn’t count on is falling hard for Lake, who’s just sweet and wonderful and loving.

Now the race is on to find Lake another heartstone, and to stop other dragons from being destroyed, before it’s too late, even as Lake and Boone start a family…

New Release – Mist Dragon

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Dragon shifter Andy spends his time in his Santa Fe home with his brothers, surfing the dark web for information about dragons and digitizing dragon histories. He’s not used to trouble of any kind, so when a stranger shows up who seems to be watching him, he’s more than a little freaked out.

Dustin is used to doing recon on all sorts of creatures, especially dragons like him, in his quest to keep dragons safe. He and his twin brother both work for a mysterious billionaire who funds dragon conservation. So he thinks nothing of it when he’s sent to check out a dragon enclave in the high desert of New Mexico. Until he meets Andy, that is. Then he knows he’s found his mate.

As Dustin and Andy struggle to find their own space yet give Andy’s brothers and moms respect, danger threatens to tear them apart. Can they keep their growing family safe, and find a way to be something new while honoring both of their traditions?