The Gryphon’s Dragon

Book Cover: The Gryphon's Dragon
Part of the Gryphon Triplets series:

Gryphon shifter and oldest triplet Roman is so happy that his brothers have found their mates, but he hates that their homes have been attacked by forces who want to destroy them and take their magic. So he decides to move both of his brothers and their households to his home in Montana, where they can make a stand. To make things even more complicated, Roman has to deal with a half dragon/ half gryphon that was stranded at his brother's place in Colorado after the last attack.

Bastien was bespelled and abused by a mage for a long time, and he has terrible guilt about having to help attack Roman and his family. But Roman gives him home, and when they touch, the spark between them becomes a far bigger flame. But the bad guys moving against them won't wait. Can Roman and Bastien defeat them and still form a mate bond?

Publisher: Turtlehat Creatives