Wolven Winter

Book Cover: Wolven Winter
Part of the Misunderstood series:

Wolf shifter Niall is convinced his life is as good as it will ever get. While he's been effectively banished from his pack as a stranger who lost a baby and was rejected by his mate, he still has a place with the pack shaman, who lives a hermit-like life up on the mountain. He has a warm home, a dear friend in the shaman, Adrienne, and a job to do. If he never gets more than that, he can live with it.

Loyal left the pack at a young age to live among humans, an experiment that made him feel banished and unnecessary. Now he's back at the pack's home in the Uintah mountains of Utah, and he's been told that the shaman wants him to do a specific job for the pack: he's meant to make peace with the dragons who live on the dragon peak.

What neither Niall or Loyal expect is to be thrown together, and to find a home together, where they can start their own pack, and give Niall a second chance at starting his own family. Can these two misunderstood wolves find what they need in each other?