Shadow Dragon

Book Cover: Shadow Dragon
Part of the Dragon Prophecy series:

All of the prophecies come to a head in this final Dragon Prophecy book…

Everything is changing so damn fast that dragon shifter Jules Cuelebre can’t keep up. Good thing his family in Santa Fe now has Gavin Castellan, an experienced dragon alpha, to help them. And if he wants more from Gavin, well, that’s his problem. Until Gavin proves that they’re in this together.

Gavin is glad he managed to make it to Jules before the mountain started closing in and sealing the dragons away from the human world, because he’s convinced Jules is his mate, and they need to be together to face both the shadows and the light that find them as their world shifts around them, bringing new kinds of dragons, a slew of dragon babies new and old, and, if they’re brave enough to grab it, a whole new world. Can they make it across the dragon veil?

Publisher: Turtlehat Creatives