Cloud Dragon

Book Cover: Cloud Dragon
Part of the Dragon Prophecy series:

Dragon shifter Puck is convinced that Austin is not for him. As much as he wants Austin, he knows such an amazing dragon couldn't be his mate, so he's going to hide away and let this one get away. Except that Austin won't let him

Austin knows Puck is the one for him, and he's not going to let Puck keep him at arm's length. Except they keep having fasle starts.

Finally, the two of them come together, but they have to work around their own fears, their ever-growing family, and some shocking developments in the dragon prophecy which threaten to endanger them all. Can they get together and start their own new family life, or will they wither under the strain of the crazy magic going on in their world?

This is a dragon shifter mpreg romance in the larger Dragon Veil universe.

Publisher: Turtlehat Creatives