New Release – Frozen Dragon

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Oldest cousin and brother dragon Zeke has resigned himself to being the one lone dragon in his family. As his family settle with their mates one by one, he ignores their protests that he’ll find love someday soon, and contents himself with caring for their growing brood of babies. As the one who’s been around the longest, Zeke has learned that he can’t always have what he desperately wants, and that he can be happy with what he has.

Gareth has never felt like he fully fit in with his pack. As the one who doesn’t shift, he’s not an outcast, but he’s definitely living on the fringes. Lately, he finds himself looking up the mountain even more than he did as a child, wondering what the seemingly ageless dragons he’s heard stories of all his life are up to. A chance meeting with a dragon named Zeke during a visit to negotiate supply routes tells Gareth that the dragons are not the horror he’s been told they are, and he can’t help his curiosity. Or his desire.

When Gareth is sent away from his family just for being himself, he starts a trek up the mountain to ask for help. With Zeke he finds more than he bargains for, but can he convince the old dragon of the mountain that neither one of them has to be the odd man out even as they fight to keep the dragon’s safe from a threat from Gareth’s past?