New Release – Home for Stone

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Stone is trying hard to get his life back together after blowing the whistle on his crooked boss, and Secret Springs seems like the place to do it. He has a bunch of new friends who are happy to support a struggling single guy, a bunch of new odd jobs, and a nice apartment. So what if he feels like he’s swimming hard and getting nowhere? He’s doing his best. Then he meets his hot neighbor Demetrius, and everything takes on a whole new shine.

Corset maker Demi wants Stone. He wants Stone in his life, in his corsets, and in his bedroom. And he generally gets what he wants. But when things get too serious too fast, both of them have to decide how far they’re willing to go, and how well they want to get to know each other, without letting any kind of emergency influence their emotions. Will these two just share a baby, or will they share their lives with each other for good?