New Release – The Bad Boy and the Baby

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Gym owner Ben Tallent is a self-described closet bad boy. He doesn’t date anyone in Secret Springs, because what if it gets weird after they break up and have to see each other all the time. But when a colleague sets him up on a blind date, he decides what the heck? Why not give it a shot?

After a disastrous blind date, baby expert Raven Valenciaga decides he’s right not to go out with anyone in his small town. Then he meets Ben again in a very different situation, and their chemistry is undeniable.

They burn bright right away, but when life starts to get in the way of their time together, Ben and Raven struggle to find time for each other while they take care of everyone else. Can they make it work, or will the bad boy lose his chance to be happy with his lover and their baby?

New Release – The Gryphon’s Prize

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Gryphon shifter Marc is back in his home in the LaSalles, working on his charity foundation and trying not to be jealous of his brother Quint, who finally found someone to love after centuries alone. He’s so wrapped up in business that it comes as a great shock when an old friend shows up at his home asking for a favor before she dies. Take care of her son, who is one of the rarest shifters in the world. A unigriff.

Traian doesn’t want to be trouble, but his whole world has been turned upside down. Both of his parents are lost to him, and he’s been torn away from his home. The one good thing in the whole mess is meeting Marc, who he knows is special right away. But being part unicorn means everyone wants his magic, and they’ll use violence to get it. So he doesn’t want to lose Marc as well.

When an attack comes to their door, Marc’s triplet siblings come to help, and they all face dangers they never believed possible while Marc and Traiain forge a new love. Can they survive the threat to their very existence?

The Gryphon’s Prize ends with a fully realized romance, but a partial cliffhanger for the final book in the series.

New Release – Mending the Dragon’s Heart

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When Lake loses his betrothed, he also loses his dragon heartstone, the thing that gives a dragon their magic. He’s locked away, waiting to pass. But his brother is a Seer, and he refuses to let Lake die, so he arranges a rescue.

Boone is one of an elite dragon rescue team, sent to pull Lake into the modern human world so he can be taken to a sanctuary in the Colorado mountains. What he doesn’t count on is falling hard for Lake, who’s just sweet and wonderful and loving.

Now the race is on to find Lake another heartstone, and to stop other dragons from being destroyed, before it’s too late, even as Lake and Boone start a family…

New Release – Mist Dragon

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Dragon shifter Andy spends his time in his Santa Fe home with his brothers, surfing the dark web for information about dragons and digitizing dragon histories. He’s not used to trouble of any kind, so when a stranger shows up who seems to be watching him, he’s more than a little freaked out.

Dustin is used to doing recon on all sorts of creatures, especially dragons like him, in his quest to keep dragons safe. He and his twin brother both work for a mysterious billionaire who funds dragon conservation. So he thinks nothing of it when he’s sent to check out a dragon enclave in the high desert of New Mexico. Until he meets Andy, that is. Then he knows he’s found his mate.

As Dustin and Andy struggle to find their own space yet give Andy’s brothers and moms respect, danger threatens to tear them apart. Can they keep their growing family safe, and find a way to be something new while honoring both of their traditions?

New Release – The Gryphon’s Jewel

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When he’s on the road during a terrible thunderstorm, gryphon shifter Quint Casteel comes across something completely unexpected. He’s never seen a gryphon like the one illuminated by lightning and soaked by the rain, and when he tries to help the shifter, he ends up with a very bedraggled and beautiful man in his arms.

Max isn’t just a gryphon, he’s a brontegriff, which is a mix of a thunderbird and a gryphon. His thunderbird mother has kept him close to her nest in the deep southwest, but when a hard thunderstorm calls him to ride it, Max ends up near Aspen in Quint’s territory. And in his circle of protection.

Quint knows that Max is meant to be his mate, but will their families agree, or will another kind of storm drive the two of them apart?

New Release – Aiden

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Griffin thinks he might be watching dragons through his binoculars while he’s on a research project for his graduate program. He desperately wants it to be true, but he also wants to warn any dragons that might be up in the Sierra Nevada mountains that his professor wants to study them. He wants to help keep them safe.

Aiden has been solitary a long time when he inherits his aunt’s daughter, who he calls his niece, through a terrible accident. He’s not sure how to raise her or keep her safe, which seems even worse when Griff shows up. But then he realizes he and Griff are mates, and that he’s not solitary anymore. Can he convince Griff they’re meant to be together and keep the rest of the world, including whoever is watching them, at bay?

New Release – Shifting Winter

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John Leahy had no idea how he became a werewolf, but there’s one thing he does know. He’s struggling with everything from fitting into the wolf community up in the high mountains of Utah to controlling his shifting. John wants to fit in, to find a home, but most of all, he wants to impress pack co-leader Keegan.

Keegan and his brother took over the pack a few years ago, but there are still some members who think that was a mistake. So it doesn’t help things when Keegan takes John as his mate. Even as they work on their mate bond, John is having more and more trouble keeping his wolf side in check. Can Keegan and John start their family even as they deal with the pack and its problems?

Shifting winter is an mpreg wolf shifter romance with a happy ending.

New Release – Love at Frost Bite: Cupid

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Matchmaker and reindeer shifter Cupid is used to being able to set up even the most difficult client. So when three dates go wrong for a Mr. Remy Shannon, even in Christmas town where little goes poorly, he decides to take matters into his own hands.

Remy doesn’t want to waste time dating when he knows he’s looking for a true mate. He’s an unusual shifter who needs someone who can handle him, so he’s not willing to play nice social games. But Cupid is right up his alley, and Remy is willing to go the distance to woo him.

When a night of unexpected passion leads to a big surprise for Cupid, he and Remy have to find enough common ground to decide if they’re going to work to appreciate all the gifts that have come their way, or if they’re going to let their joy fade away with the holiday season.

This is a holiday shifter mpreg romance with lot of glitter and a happy ending!

New Release – Dragon of Passion

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When dragon shifter Nikolas Petrov finally gives in and lets his family hire him a personal assistant, he has no intention of bringing in someone he might care about. He needs someone efficient, hard-working, and unobtrusive. Too bad what he gets is Daniel.

Daniel can work his butt off, and he knows he’s just what grumpy alpha Nik needs. He organizes Nik within an inch of his life, and when Daniel needs help, Nik knows he can’t just leave Daniel in a bad situation. The two of them become closer and closer, but danger rears its head, threatening their whole family. Can they pull together to keep everyone safe?

This is a non-mpreg dragon shifter romance with knotting.

New Release – Frozen Dragon

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Oldest cousin and brother dragon Zeke has resigned himself to being the one lone dragon in his family. As his family settle with their mates one by one, he ignores their protests that he’ll find love someday soon, and contents himself with caring for their growing brood of babies. As the one who’s been around the longest, Zeke has learned that he can’t always have what he desperately wants, and that he can be happy with what he has.

Gareth has never felt like he fully fit in with his pack. As the one who doesn’t shift, he’s not an outcast, but he’s definitely living on the fringes. Lately, he finds himself looking up the mountain even more than he did as a child, wondering what the seemingly ageless dragons he’s heard stories of all his life are up to. A chance meeting with a dragon named Zeke during a visit to negotiate supply routes tells Gareth that the dragons are not the horror he’s been told they are, and he can’t help his curiosity. Or his desire.

When Gareth is sent away from his family just for being himself, he starts a trek up the mountain to ask for help. With Zeke he finds more than he bargains for, but can he convince the old dragon of the mountain that neither one of them has to be the odd man out even as they fight to keep the dragon’s safe from a threat from Gareth’s past?