Home for Ryan

Book Cover: Home for Ryan
Part of the Home for... series:

Ryan feels pretty lucky to have found Secret Springs and his job working for Fuel Comfort Food as a caterer. He was on the run from a bad relationship when he did, and it's taken some time for him to come out of the shell he was put into by his ex. He's learning to trust again, and one man in particular makes him want to try dating all over again, even if the man makes him jumpy as heck.

Grant "King" Kingfisher has found all he wants in Secret Springs. His friend has given him an executive chef job, he has a great circle of friends, and now he has Ryan, who he wants to both protect and love fiercely. He sets out to woo Ryan with all he has, they find out they have a lot in common, and that they want to have even more. When Ryan's pat comes back to haunt him, though, they have to fight for their love, and their growing family.