New Release – History and Haunts

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Secret Springs historical society manager Hank Vargas has two passions: history and hauntings. By day he’s a mild-mannered historian. By night he hunts ghosts in old buildings and antique hotels. So when all his friends start pairing off, getting married and having babies, Hank throws himself into podcasts and videos of his paranormal investigations as well as scholarly articles about the history of Secret Springs. Soon enough, though, Hank finds out that being a minor local celebrity can have its drawbacks, and one of those is ghost debunker Elliot Graham.

Elliot Graham works for a scientific journal, traveling the world and debunking urban legends and ghost stories. A certain Hank Vargas seems like a prime target, especially since the guy appears to think he’s an actual historian as well as a spirit chaser. What Elliot doesn’t expect from Secret Springs is how charming the place is, and how interesting he finds Hank. In a very personal way.

When the weather and the ghosts of Secret Springs start giving them more than they bargain for, Hank and Elliot have to put aside their differences and solve a century old mystery. Can they build something lasting together at the same time?

New Release – Home for Stone

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Stone is trying hard to get his life back together after blowing the whistle on his crooked boss, and Secret Springs seems like the place to do it. He has a bunch of new friends who are happy to support a struggling single guy, a bunch of new odd jobs, and a nice apartment. So what if he feels like he’s swimming hard and getting nowhere? He’s doing his best. Then he meets his hot neighbor Demetrius, and everything takes on a whole new shine.

Corset maker Demi wants Stone. He wants Stone in his life, in his corsets, and in his bedroom. And he generally gets what he wants. But when things get too serious too fast, both of them have to decide how far they’re willing to go, and how well they want to get to know each other, without letting any kind of emergency influence their emotions. Will these two just share a baby, or will they share their lives with each other for good?

New Release – Dragon of Glass

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Omega Zack doesn’t mean to be trouble to anyone when he shows up at Alexi Petrov’s door. He’s holding his life together by a thread after being fired from his prestigious gallery job got not sleeping with his boss. When he asks Aleks to contribute to the youth art charity he’s working with, Zack has no idea his life is about to change for good.

Glassblower triplet Aleks almost misses how special Zack is, because he’s so focused on his art, But when his brother’s mate pushes him to really see the sweet young man, Aleks knows Zack needs his help. And Zack is his mate. The two of them have to push past Zack’s fear, and fight off the danger that comes from Aleks claiming Zack, to find their way. Can they claim their life together, or will it shatter like glass?

This is a non-mpreg alpha and omega gay romance with knotting and dragon shifters.

New Release – Snow Dragon

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High in the Utah mountains, dragon Seth feels like his brothers and his cousins are all one step ahead of him. They’re smarter or more useful or stronger… When his youngest brother Samuel takes a mate who shares some of Seth’s interests. his isolated life improves. and he hopes against hope that his mate is coming soon. But after Justin’s twin chooses another, Seth decides he’s destined to be alone.

PI Beau Harden has always felt a strong pull to the mountains, so when he’s sent to investigate the whereabouts of a missing scholar, he’s happy to explore. He heads way up into the Uintahs, and finds far more than he bargains for in a sanctuary for a certain dragon family, and in Seth. He can’t resist the way Seth makes him feel, but he’s not sure if can convince Seth he’s the guy for the job.

Seth wants to believe that Beau is the one for him, but he’s not sure if it’s real or if what he wants is just wishful thinking. Will Beau get to the bottom of this mystery?

New Release – Pride and Power

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Andrew McGarry has been running the city offices of Secret Springs for a while now, ever since the mayor had to leave town in the midst of a family scandal. He’s known all along that he would have to work with whoever ended up filling the role, but he’s not sure what to do with construction contractor Kynan Tierney.

Kynan hasn’t been back in Secret Springs very long, but he’s used to being a mover and shaker, and with all of his projects in town now, he’s happy to get involved in small town politics. He knows Andrew could be a valuable resource for him if he could just convince the hot single dad to work with him instead of against him. Andrew has been running things so long he doesn’t think the new mayor needs to do more than kiss babies and cut ribbons at openings, while Kynan wants to help Andrew out, both professionally and personally.

When new information comes to light about the old first family of Secret Springs, though, Kynan and Andrew have to work together to keep the whole town from going off the rails. Can these two learn to trust each other in every way and put their pride aside to make something that lasts?

Audiobook – Dragon Scholar

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Devon Marks loves books more than just about anything. They’re his job and his passion, and they’ve brought him to an auction where he meets the hottest guy he’s ever seen. When Brand Drake offers to let Devon come and value his extensive collection at an old mansion high in the Colorado mountains, he knows life as about as good as it gets.

Brand Drake knows he wants Devon the moment they meet, so he goes about adding Devon to his hoard the same way he would an amazing old book. But when Devon starts eating him out of house and home and showing signs that he has emerging dragon traits, he knows he hasn’t just found a lover, he’s found a mate.

When Devon starts to show signs of something even more amazing, Brand calls on his brothers Eagan and Tyson to help him figure out what to do, as well as how to tell Devon what’s going on with his body, which is life-changing, and also dangerous. Someone always wants dragon magic to use, and Brand has to find a way to keep them safe, and to keep Devon with him, hopefully forever.