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Charlie Putnam loves his job at the Grand Springs hotel, not because he adores front desk work, but because he gets to meet all kinds of people, which he’d be too scared to do otherwise. He’s also being allowed to redecorate some of the rooms. He has a passion for it, which makes it impossible to resist Kaleb, who shows up at the hotel with two enormous dogs and a plan to remodel the most famous, and infamous, house in the Secret Springs area, even though he’s been hurt in the past. Literally.

When Kaleb Raleigh sells his business and retires in his thirties, he decides to move to Secret Springs. And to buy the Dewhurst mansion, which supposedly is the scene of a very sad murder. Meeting Charlie at the hotel is the best kind of bonus, and Kaleb sets his sights on the shy young man right away. Can they solve the mystery of the big house, find the common ground Kaleb knows they have, and make a home for Charlie?

This is an mpreg romance with a trauma survivor, a haunted mansion, and a lot of love…